Time is Now! Jamaica

30072983_10212157365317891_4133354996811923434_o32699040_10212401472620421_3456954215170048000_n37823134_10212867498710782_9197613747886096384_nHow to Apply for a Medical Marijuana License in Jamaica
Diana O’Gilvie

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) in Jamaica has made the application for medical
marijuana an easy and almost seamless process. With the CLA’s establishment, Jamaica has one
of the best opportunities to enter the burgeoning cannabis industry, which is estimated to be in
the billions, worldwide. There is room for innovators and investors to establish legal
recreational retailers, establish medical dispensaries and edible products and various ancillary
revenue streams like financial services, transport and security.
Before submitting an application, prospective applicants must ensure they have Jamaican
residency for at least 3 years and the company must be registered with the Companies Office of
Jamaica with the majority stakeholder is the Jamaican resident. Persons convicted under the
Dangerous Drugs Act are not eligible to apply.

The application process is a multi-tiered approach with checks and balances in place for
application completeness check, due diligence checks and pre-inspection checks. Each step can
take a few days to a few months. The CLA has the in depth process here.

The following forms are needed:
 Application for Licence [FORM 1A]
 Supplemental Information for Licence Application [FORM 1B]
 Application for Occupational Licences (Group) [FORM 2A]
 Declaration of Ownership/Change in Directors [FORM 2B]
 Consent of Owner [FORM 3]
In addition to the above required forms, applicants must submit a Tax Compliance Certificate,
land title, official police records, survey diagram of property or premises showing all distinct
areas with dimensions and partitions.
The next phase of the process is the pre-license inspection. This stage takes into consideration
the productions ‘big picture.’ For example, the cultivation site cannot be with 600 meters to any
school, the site must have clearly defined boundaries and ownership, off site remote
surveillance and panic alarm system. This is the longest part of the application process and can
take three to four months as it includes a few site visits from the CLA.
The CLA was established to regulate the local cannabis industry.
The authority has powers to make regulations for the procedures and criteria for applying for
licences and permits, as well as other authorisations for cultivation, processing, distribution,

sale and other handling of ganja for medicinal, scientific and therapeutic purposes. Visit
http://cla.org.jm/ for more information.

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