Frazzle is the go-to app for cannabis enthusiasts to unite and share their favorite images, videos and messages about the plant, and access internally produced information.

Frazzle is a gamified app that leverages an algorithm to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers based on their location in real time, offering clients a unique digital marketing play with quantifiable results. The application provides dispensaries, manufacturers and retailers of cannabis paraphernalia and apparel, cannabis industry service providers, cannabis seed providers, media houses, cultivation equipment manufacturers and entertainers; with a medium to advertise their brand and products to millions of people all over the world that embrace and share the cannabis culture.

The content that Frazzle produces is internally researched and provided by external users of our platform. These are organized into articles, video series and graphics that can be accessed through the mobile application.

Frazzle’s unique application is produced with the premise of fostering more integration among cannabis users globally, by engaging them with a gamified platform and competitions. The goal of the user is to be upvoted by posting content, interacting with other users and taking part in competitions so they can earn badges and prizes.